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Application of rising bollards in school and parking lot management. - 翻译中...

Stainless steel retractable bollard is being used in more and more places, such as military and police forces, government agencies, schools, and squares. The most intuitive function of the rising bollard is to effectively intercept vehicles. Some barriers such as stone pillars can be intercepted but cannot be done "effectively." When a car crashes into it, the rising bollard can be activated to effectively intercept it, effectively protecting the financial and personal safety of relevant locations and improving everyone's sense of security.

The role of stainless steel bollards in school safety management

In recent years, school safety accidents have occurred frequently, including reports of cars crashing into school gates causing injuries to school personnel. Therefore, protection is very important. Installing stainless steel retractable bollard at the school gate is a very effective measure to improve entry and exit safety. The campus is a key protected object in anti-terrorism operations. Various local governments and education departments have issued various policy documents, clearly requiring the installation of rising bollards and other anti-terrorism equipment at school gates to protect the personal safety of students. The rising bollard plays a major role in protecting the safety of teachers and students mainly because the rising bollard itself has strong anti-collision ability and timely response ability, and can respond to emergency vehicles within four seconds. The rising bollard is like a "steel guard" at the school gate, playing a role in guarding safety.

The role of stainless steel bollards in parking management systems

The role of rising bollards in parking management is very important. Stainless steel bollard can work in conjunction with license plate recognition machines and roadblocks to provide comprehensive protection. In parking management, intelligent rising bollards combined with license plate recognition machines manage vehicles, making the traffic efficiency and interception ability of the parking lot synchronize. License plate recognition automatically recognizes license plates to achieve fast passage, and rising bollards can effectively intercept suddenly out-of-control vehicles, comprehensively improving the intelligence level of the parking management system.

The above is the role of stainless steel retractable bollard, mainly explaining their applications in schools and parking lots, hoping that our society will become increasingly safe.

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